Sound was the medicine of our past and it set to become the medicine of our future.

Cancer researchers have been able to destroy cancer cells using only sound waves at different frequencies through the use of focused ultrasound. Anthony Holland in his TEDx Talk shows how two input frequencies between 1000 Hz to 3000 Hz, one high one low, shatter leukemia cells as they become vulnerable to those frequencies.

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation has successfully treated Parkinson disease and is currently researching the application of Focused Ultrasound to treat a variety of medical conditions and ultimately the adoption of such technology as standard medical care.

An important factor in the application of sound healing however, is intent. The energy behind the sound. An example of how intent is the consciousness encoded into the sound can be seen in Gregg Braden’s documentary, in which he shows the tumour of a cancer patient shrinking and disappearing in a few minutes through the use of a mantra chanted by trained practitioners at the Medicineless Hospital in China. Their genuine intent of course was to restore the patient to health. 

Thus, the formula coined by Jonathan Goldman: Frequency + Intent = Healing