Gong Bath 

A Gong bath has no water involved, it means bathing in sounds. It’s an Immersion therapy, a sensory experience where the Gong is the main healing tool. Other instruments are also played, which aim to offer total immersion in a dissonant harmony of restorative sounds. These sounds permeate all the senses and the vibrations immerse you in a meditative state  where you can either fall asleep or remain in a state of relaxation and dream.

The most common benefits of Sound Therapy are:

– De-stressing. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

– It promotes sleep and helps reduce insomnia

– Mental balance. Calms the mind by reducing the frequency of brain waves

– Emotional balance. Clears emotional blockages and releases stagnant energy

– Deep state of relaxation

– Improves your mood

A Gong bath works through the principal of “entrainment”. This occurs when the powerful vibrations of an object (the Gong) change the vibrations of another (our Body) and cause it to synchronise with it.

Everything in nature is in a state of vibration; every rock, every animal, every object has a resonance frequency.  Resonance is the natural vibration of an object.  Every cell and organ in our bodies has resonance. When the Gong is played, the cells that do not resonate or are “out of tune”, are synchronised with the sounds produced by the gong and begin to resonate with them.

As the Gong is an instrument of total resonance, it incorporates all the tones of the sound spectrum, regardless of whether we can hear them or not and, for this reason, it is the perfect tool for forced resonance. We synchronise with the sounds around us all the time but we almost never realise it.  Sometimes positively, like when we listen to relaxing music and feel calm and others negatively, like when we are surrounded by traffic noise and feel anxious and nervous.

Sound reaches our brain through our ears and affects our nervous system, heart rate, breathing and brain waves.  

The Gong lowers the frequency of our brain waves and automatically leads us to a deep state of relaxation, a transcendental state of dreams.

The brain cannot analyse or classify sounds produced by the Gong, so it surrenders, allowing the left hemisphere of the brain to pause and produce low-frequency brain waves.

It can already help treat many conditions such as stress, insomnia and anxiety, but there are endless possibilities to use sound to improve all aspects of our lives if we know how to take advantage of it.

Sound is the oldest form of healing and is destined to be the medicine of the future.