Tuning Fork Therapy or “Sonopuncture”

The tuning forks are applied directly on the body and placed on the acupressure points much like acupuncture.

The  most common benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy are:

– Neuro-lymphatic detoxification

– Helps flexibility and movement of bones and joints

– Pain Relief

– Stimulates the flow of lymph and blood

– Deep state of relaxation

– Calm the nervous system

Tuning forks were originally invented to create a pure tone to which musicians could tune their instruments.

When struck, tuning forks emit pure soundwaves which are rapidly transmitted throughout the entire body. The ears play a vital role in tuning fork sound healing as they transmit sounds directly to the nervous system via the neural network and onto the major organs. 

Tuning forks work in the energy field and chakra centre, balancing and energising the energy body and aura, as well as the physical body as the frequencies can more directly reach the meridians, chakras or areas of the body that may be blocked.

In the same way acupuncturists use needles to stimulate acupuncture and meridian points on the body, so the tuning forks and singing bowls can stimulate the same points. Given the vibratory nature of both our bodies and the tuning forks, this ‘sonopuncture’ – acupuncture using sound – can quite quickly and effectively bring each meridian and its corresponding organs back into harmony through sympathetic resonance. The vibration expands outward as opposed to an acupuncture needle which needs to be pretty exactly placed.

Bones are particularly good conductors of sound and sonopuncture facilitate movement and flexibility and aid the development of connective and muscle tissue. The sonic vibrations transmitted through the stem of the fork stimulate the flow of lymph and blood to the area of application, which can potentially speed up the healing process. The lower frequencies promote deep relaxation which then aids the elimination of built up stress and toxins from the joints. 

Also one of the longest nerves in the body, the vagus nerve has a branch that connects it to the ear and which can be activated by sound stimulation.

This has a powerful regulatory effect on the entire nervous system and can create deep relaxation or stimulation depending on which frequencies are used. Continued practice is recommended for obtaining best results.

Continued practice is recommended for obtaining best results.