Quantum Bioresonance Therapy (QBT) uses personalised sound frequencies to restore health and establish well being. It starts from the cells in our body which emit electromagnetic waves, maintaining a physiological equilibrium when the cells are in good health. As diseases progress, cell damage leads to alterations in their energy frequencies. Bioresonance can decode the energy frequencies emitted by cells, identify deviations from the norm, and restore these frequencies to their natural state.

QBT is an integrative medicine and as such it takes a holistic approach to healthcare by including practices not traditionally part of conventional medicine. It has the ability to assess health on multiple levels, encompassing the physical, biochemical, psychological, and spiritual aspects.

This is done through Bioresonance Testing and Bioresonance Therapy.

Bioresonance testing

Bioresonance testing is the technology behind it, that analyses your voice and provides a full diagnostic evaluation of your body’s systems, detecting deviations in the emitted frequencies. This technology can detect any abnormalities or underlying disorders and can also pinpoint the presence of pathological organisms like parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Bioresonance therapy

The Information gained from testing allows the creation of a customised and tailored treatment plan that caters to the individual’s biological characteristics. Bioresonance therapy devices emit waves with the accurate frequencies to counterbalance disrupted wavelengths, effectively neutralizing the impact of pathogens within the body.

Quantum Bioresonance Therapy benefits:

Comprehensive Assessment: QBT provides a thorough overview of organ functions and conditions, addressing physical, biochemical, and spiritual dimensions.

No Side Effects: Bioresonance devices are non-invasive and emit no harmful radiation, presenting a safer alternative to traditional medical interventions.

Time Efficiency: In a single session, typically lasting less than 40 minutes, QBT furnishes a comprehensive analysis of the body’s functions and a personalized treatment plan.

Patient-Centered Approach: QBT hinges on the body’s signals, crafting a treatment plan that accommodates individual biological characteristics.

Effectiveness: Bioresonance technology can unearth hidden disorders before they manifest symptoms and accurately pinpoint the primary source of diseases.

Reliability: QBT serves as a dependable diagnostic tool, furnishing personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

How it works

The process begins by recording your voice, whether in person or remotely. Subsequently, a comprehensive analysis is conducted to identify any emotional imbalances. A customized balance file is then generated to address these emotional imbalances, while also undergoing a scan against a vast database containing over 40,000 conditions, illnesses, and ailments. This meticulously crafted balance file is subsequently delivered to your mobile device for you to listen to approximately three to four times a day. Consistency and commitment play a pivotal role in this process, alongside maintaining a positive mindset.

​It’s important to note that while Bioresonance technology may seem too good to be true, numerous studies and testimonials have attested to its effectiveness in mitigating a range of health conditions, from thyroid problems to chronic diseases. There is limited available information on this approach, and while no specific claims can be asserted, you can explore the testimonials from medical professionals and practitioners in Europe here as well as compelling case studies from critical care settings here 

While research is ongoing, current evidence suggests that Bioresonance technology represents a promising frontier in the field of medicine.


“It was a specific moment in my life – after noticing a lump during a breast exam, I was diagnosed with a 2 cm x 4 cm mass in my left breast. Although the mammography was clean and the biopsy showed only a few abnormal cells, I was overwhelmed with fear. As someone who has always been curious about alternative methods of healing, when I was given the opportunity to try healing with frequency sounds, I immediately knew this is it, it came at the exact right moment in my life.

The primary review of my personality was more or less correct and some things even caught me unprepared. Nevertheless, the physical review was spot on – it showed I had only one problem – psoriasis – after my second pregnancy my nails started to deteriorate seriously, and I was diagnosed with nail psoriasis a few years ago. Back to the healing protocol – I was given frequencies I was supposed to listen every day and night. And I did. After about 2 months of listening to the sounds, I had to record my voice again and the frequencies were updated according to my health status. I started the frequency healing back in October 2023, a few weeks after my breast lump diagnosis, and in January 2024 I had another breast exam which showed I was lump free. In addition to this great news, the situation with my nails also improved.

I cannot recommend the therapy with frequencies enough. Yes, it takes time, but the results are astonishing.”
Tanja B.

“La primera vez que grabé mi voz para Sound Healing…no podia creer que el resultado fuera tan completo. Es decir, el programa pudo captar con sólo una pequeña grabación de mi voz algunos desequilibrios en mi sistema a muchos niveles.: a nivel de emociones, sistema nervioso, chakras, sistema digestivo, higado, ojos, parásitos…incluso anécdotas de mi personalidad, de mi vida y temas de mi infancia que creía superados.
A través de la lectura del diagnóstico con Ilaria, ella me ayudó con estrategias para poder reequilibrar mi sistema. Principalmente y más profundamente con los audios concretos para mi que debía escuchar varias veces durante el día y que la terapeuta iba cambiando pasado un tiempo después de volver a analizar mi voz.
A los pocos meses, después de escuchar cada día los audios y otras estrategias, sentí como si estuviera en otro lugar.
Sinceramente no podría decir en concreto cómo o en qué se produjo el cambio.: la sensacion de destaponamiento, de descongestión general y un reequilibrio a varios niveles: más focus, más equilibrio emocional, alegría, fuerza, dinamismo…
Lo recomiendo muchisimo, sobretodo porque funciona a un nivel profundo e inconsciente y es agradable y fácil de llevar a cabo por el cliente. Gracias!!!”  –